saffron-gourmet-food-from-spain-mariscal-sarroca-300Saffron from Spain Give your dishes the colour and flavour of the most selected saffron from MARISCAL&SARROCA. Our saffron comes from Teruel, and it is always from the most recent season. Arabs brought this amazing condiment to Spain, and Teruel is one of the regions specialized in this crop since the Middle Ages. Saffron is the most expensive condiment available. To make a kilo of saffron some 250,000 saffron flowers are needed. Harvesting is a slow, laborious process. The flowers are picked first thing in the morning, when they have just opened. The superior quality of saffron from Teruel is due mainly to the way it is dried in this part of Spain. The stigmas are smoked on wood, an operation which requires great expertise not to get them charred. When saffron is dried this way, the stigmas will keep for a very long time.

This condiment is highly appreciated in Spanish cuisine. Just a few stigmas of the extra quality MARISCAL&SARROCA saffron will give your dishes a delicious orange tone, and a very exotic and special taste. It can be used in soups, fish and seafood stews, and especially with rice. Our saffron is considered an artisan food product, which guarantees that the harvest and production processes follow ancestral traditions typical of the Teruel region.

Cubic jar:

  • GLASS JAR: 1 G.
  • GLASS JAR: 5 G.

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