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MARISCAL&SARROCA offers the best gourmet foods from Spain. We invite you to travel with us throughout Spain. Our selection combines quality, professionalism, health and pleasure. MARISCAL&SARROCA has sourced fine foods from Spain, traditionally produced and full of healthy properties. We have chosen the best Iberico jamon from Huelva and Salamanca, the tastiest chorizo from Salamanca and the very special cecina (beef ham) from León. Enjoy the most delicious extra virgin olive oil varieties, which range from the arbequina type in Aragón, to the saffron infused one or the unique and very exotic olive oil with gold leaf. Our wide selection of cheese varieties offers great tastes from different regions. Cow’s cheese from Asturias (Afuega’lPitu),the traditional goat’s and sheep’s cheese from the Moncayo area, or hand-made cheese from the mountains of Albarracín, Teruel, both in Aragón.

An additional element for a perfect dish platter will, no doubt, be the quince paste from Murcia, either in its more traditional form, or in its new varieties with orange or with walnuts. The final touch of sophistication will be provided by the saffron.

Turn our fine foods into a perfectly harmonious meal, full of the vibrant colours from Spain: red from the ham, chorizo and cecina, gold from the best olive oil, and pure creamy white from the cheese. Succumb to the spell of the flavours that the sun produces, adorn your table with the Spanish gastronomic jewels that MARISCAL&SARROCA has sourced for you. Enjoy new gourmet experiences, and feel the excitement of the perfectly rounded flavours which we can provide you with.

Iberico jamon                                          Cheese                                 Extra olive oil

Iberico jamon Gourmet Food from Spain Mariscal & Sarroca cheese-gourmet-food-from-spain-mariscal&sarroca Extra Virgin Olive Oil Gourmet food from Spain Mariscal & Sarroca

Charcuterie                                    Other delicacies                        Special Guest Products

Charcuterie Gourmet food from Spain Mariscal & Sarroca Delicacies Gourmetfood from Spain Mariscal & Sarroca Special Guest Products Gourmet Food from Spain Mariscan & Sarroca

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