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World Cheese Awards from Albarracin Gourmet Food from SpainSIERRA ALBARRACIN

Located in the range of Albarracín, a mountainous and steep land, we find the birthplace of ancient traditions that for centuries have been followed by shepherds and artisans ́ generations, makers of one of the oldest forms of nourishment, cheese. Following these traditions, the Cheese Sierra de Albarracín is only produced with fresh sheep milk, exclusively  obtained from the cattle owned by the dairy, following the strictest guidelines with respect to feeding and hy-giene, developing the entire process in a perfect blend of traditional artisan methods and the latest technological  advances.



Pure Sheep´s Cheese

Semi-soft (blue “sky” label)

Cheese elaborated exclusively from fresh sheep’s pasteurized milk, from our own livestock of dairy heep. Cheese made from a firm pressed paste, obtained by coagulation predominantly enzymatic and aged with bacterial flora from the dairy acid. After a period of half aging minimum of 3 months for the 3 kg. wheel and 7 weeks for the 700 gr. wheel, a product called blue label is obtained which presents a paste that when cut is a golden pale colour with medium-sized holes and a smell of slightly evolved milk.  The salt intensity is low.In this type of format and weight the blue label indicates a maturing period  of more than 6 weeks, with soft flavour intensity, but the texture remains with the right consistency for this type of ageing. Shape and rind: cylindrical with rounded edges. The marks of the woollen cloth that is used during the moulding can be seen on it. Natural plan rind that varies from straw-coloured to grey  produced by the surface flora that is developed in the aging rooms.

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