How to use saffron? What dishes go well with this exotic spice?

Saffron is very appreciated in Spanish cooking. This spice contributes to our recipes adding colour, as well as flavour. In order to bring out all the best of it, the fine threads should first be slightly toasted on a pan over a low fire, so that they dry and can be easily ground. We then dilute them in a little bit of water, or in the same broth we are using in our dish. These simple steps will add amazing colour and aroma to any recipe. A little amount goes a long way, so no need to use more than a few threads.

Which dishes benefit from the use of saffron? It goes really well with rice dishes, because the grains will absorb the orange colour to make a vibrant combination. Chicken in garlic sauce is nicely complemented by this spice. It can also be added to most lentil, chickpea or bean soups.


Traditionally it has been widely used in seafood stews and soups, but more recently some of our most famous chefs are giving this wonderful spice a new twist. Juan Mari Arzak is using it to spice chocolate, and Carlos Arguiñano, a very popular chef in TV, uses saffron to give tempura extra colour by sprinkling toasted saffron in the dough before frying.

An easy tip for your pasta dishes – mix a pinch of saffron into a creamy sauce. Delicious! It can also be used in desserts like crème brûlée or crème caramel.

From a health point of view, saffron is believed to have sedative and soothing properties.
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