Mariscal & Sarroca Mariscal & Sarroca, Antonio and Yolanda, is a family-run business dedicated to exporting top quality Spanish products. Mariscal & Sarroca is a synonym for Spanish gourmet food, delicacies, exclusive products, top quality; but also professionalism, respect for artisanal methods, environmentally friendly production processes and search for healthy food. Quite simply Mariscal & Sarroca can guarantee excellent products and service. We love travelling around the world, and this made us realize that, while Spanish foods were very much appreciated, they were often hard to find abroad. We are fully aware of the demonstrated benefits that the traditional Mediterranean diet has on our health, so we decided to source the best olive oil, jamón, cured meats and cheese from around Spain. Now you can also benefit from their properties, and enjoy the best flavours from Spain without having to leave your front door. Our success is built on the quality of our products. We are an international brand that relies on established traditions to keep innovating. Our products are made following old production processes and observing the strictest sanitary and quality controls. We have sourced gourmet foods throughout Spain. Our search took us to small villages and farms keen to export their best produce. The farmers we have got to know are experts at what they do. We totally trust them and respect their profound knowledge. In turn, they are very excited about the possibility of their products travelling abroad. Mariscal & Sarroca contributes to sharing their deep-rooted culinary traditions. The food products we offer are made without taking time into consideration, quality is the only and foremost priority. After all ‘good things come to those who wait’. In a world where rushing from here to there seems to occupymost of our time, we sometimes forget the small pleasures of life. Mariscal & Sarroca invites you to take a break from the daily hassles, sit at the table and enjoy our unique quality products with friends and family. We want to fill your house with the flavours that bring back memories of the sun, the warmth of a special moment that you will never forget, new sensations and flavours that remind you of the joy and tranquility of a perfect holiday.


El gran catálogo de los regalos gourmet para esta Navidad 2018


¡Esta Navidad 2018 sorprende con los deliciosos regalos gourmet de Mariscal&Sarroca!

Mira nuestro gran catálogo de Navidad "de pequeños a grandes detalles gourmet" y sorpréndete con nuestra selección de experiencias y sabores únicos para foodies y amantes de la mejor gastronomía.


Cestas gourmet de Navidad

Para ponértelo


Cestas y lotes gourmet personalizados para foodies en Navidad: caja roja y caja negra.

Esta Navidad regala auténticas experiencias gastronómicas como las que hemos preparado y te presentamos a continuación.

Para ponértelo fácil, te presentamos dos cestas gourmet listas para comprar y regalar en estas Navidades. Descubre el contenido de la caja negra y caja roja de Mariscal&Sarroca y elige: ¿con cuál vas a sorprender?


Lote gourmet Navidad (Mariscal & Sarroca) 60 euros Contenido de este lote gourmet: - Vino Tinto Rioja Marques de  more

Foie gras: an exquisite delicacy

Foie gras de Mariscal & Sarroca Hors d’oeuvre or amuse-bouches are the perfect opening to any special meal or gastronomic celebration. They are colourful, bite size morsels of deliciousness that excite our taste buds and put us in the mood for food. Foie gras canapés are perhaps the most luxurious and delicate ones we can serve. Mariscal & Sarroca have a selection of duck foie gras and goose foie gras that your guests

La delicadeza del foie alegra tu mesa

Foie gras de Mariscal & Sarroca No hay fiesta sin canapés, esos pequeños bocaditos sabrosos y coloridos que animan los comienzos de las celebraciones más importantes. Camareros que pasan entre los invitados con golosas bandejas en sus manos, mesas llenas de platos con delicatessen hechas para que las cojas con los dedos y de un solo bocado las saborees. Hay muchos canapés, pero quizás los más conocidos son los canapés de foie

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