Our olive harvest in Spain

The arbequina olives, variety which grows in the olive groves of Aragon, is now ready to be harvested. These olives grow for about 6-8 months, and towards the end of autumn they are ripe and in optimum conditions for their oil to be pressed. Thus the best extra virgin olive oil from Mariscal & Sarroca will soon be ready to be bottled.



The variety arbequina is one of the most appreciated ones amongst olive oil producers. It originates in Palestine from where it was introduced into Spain in the 17th c by the Duke of Medinacelli. The arbequina olive can easily endure cold temperatures and is very small in size.

Mariscal & Sarroca harvest the olives with a totally natural technique. The machines that are specifically designed to carry out this delicate job shake the trees first, and when the fruits fall they are collected in a special umbrella. This prevents the olives from falling on the floor where they could get bruised and dirty.

Traditionally olives used to be harvested by hitting the trees with a pole by hand, which made the ripe ones fall on the floor. This technique used to damage the tree, resulting in less fruits for the following season, and the olives were squashed and bruised when falling.

Mariscal & Sarroca uses the modern technique of shaking the trees by means of the mechanical vibration, so our trees improve over time and the oil is of excellent quality.


Arbequina oil is smooth, with a very delicate texture and intense flavour. It is the perfect accompaniment for your vegetable or meat dishes. Or how about trying a slice of freshly toasted bread with a drizzle of olive oil and a delicious slice of Iberico ham on top. The options are endless…

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