Pimenton De la Vera smoked paprika, protected designation of origin


Golden Red, forever bringing COLOUR and FLAVOUR into our World

The cultivation of pepper for paprika was introduced in La Vera (Spain) in the 16th century by the Jeronimos monks from the Yuste Monastery. In 1556, Charles I of Spain decided to retire to the Yuste Monastery to lead a monastic life, where he remained for the rest of his life.

Tradition and knowledge combined together to perfect the precious gift that the Jeronimos monks crafted in their peaceful monastery.

In the Spanish Region of La Vera, the pepper used to make paprika grows sheltered by the rugged peaks of the mountains Sierra de Gredos in a microclimate of valleys by the river Tiétar. The peppers belong to the “Capsicum annum” family and are from the cerasiforme and piper longum sub-species, of which there are three varieties: Sweet, Bittersweet and Hot.

La Vera Paprika is obtained by grinding mature, dried peppers. The peppers are smoked using oakwood, at a temperature that allows the fruit to be dehydrated and giving it the three characteristic elements it is famous for: AROMA, FLAVOUR and BALANCED.

AROMA AND FLAVOUR: obtained using a traditional smoke-drying system.
BALANCED COLOUR: the result of the high concentration of carotenes produced in the pepper when it grows in the in the microclimate of the Spanish Region of La Vera and during the drying process.


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