Handcrafted nuts with an innovative touch


This product is a world innovation, never seen in the market before. Selected amongst all the novelty gourmet products at the 28th edition of the “Salón de Gourmets” that took place in Madrid in March 2014. It was later exhibited at the “Show Cooking” of the fair, where it took critics, journalists and master chefs by surprise. The product was highly priced.

This delicacy is made by mixing almonds with violet sugar, made out of sugar cane and violet flower extract.

– Mildly sweet and roasted, vacuum packed, to preserve the delicate violet flavour in perfect conditions.
– Ingredients: Almonds, violet sugar, sea salt and La Vera paprika.

In our search for innovative products, and using our experience in the treatment of nuts, we have created pecan nuts with a very subtle touch of honey.

The Pecan nuts from New Mexico contain five times more antioxidants than walnuts, they are a lot lighter and creamier, making them melt in your mouth and leaving a wonderful aroma with every bite.

– Mildly sweet and roasted, vacuum packed, crafted with a special mixture of sugar cane and honey plus a touch of our violet sugar.
– Ingredients: Pecan nuts, honey and violet sugars, sea salt and La Vera paprika.

The tapas culture in Spain was the inspiration for these incredible spicy sunflower kernels, which have a wonderful spiced flavour.

This novelty product was also presented at the 28th edition of the “Salón de Gourmets” in March 2014 in Madrid, where it was chosen by chefs and beer brewers as the best aperitif to accompany a good beer or refreshment, since the mild spicy flavour goes very well with cold refreshing drinks.

Made with hot Spanish paprika, grown in a small village from Extremadura by a family specialised in the production of paprika since 1880.

– Mildly spicy and roasted, vacuum pack.
– Ingredients: Sunflower seed kernels, sea salt, cane sugar and hot La Vera paprika.

nuts-mariscal-sarroca-gourmet-food-spain-strawberry-hazelnuts-3STRAWBERRY HAZELNUTS 80g
We decided to combine one of the most traditional nuts in Spain with a fruit equally typical, the strawberry. Made using sugar cane and natural strawberry aroma.

In Central Europe hazelnuts symbolize fertility and love, so it used to be given to young married couples as a gift on their wedding night.

From this tradition we got our inspiration to create a delicacy which can make the perfect present to be enjoyed in special occasions.

– Mildly sweet and roasted, vacuum packed.
– Ingredients: Hazelnuts, strawberry sugar, sea salt and La Vera paprika.

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