Revitalize your skin and hair with cosmetic olive oil with gold

Olive oil with GoldBeautiful nourished, healthy hair and skin to make you feel good inside and outside. Two wonderful products combined to give you an easy one step beauty regime: olive oil and gold.

Olive oil is full of vitamins and nutrients that restore dry brittle nails and hair. It is also excellent for looking after dry dull skin. It also helps regenerate the skin to heal wounds and scars. Full of antioxidants and vitamins K and E, which are so good for your skin.

Gold nourishes and gives a beautiful glow, and it also has tightening and regenerating properties, softening lines and conferring a wonderful complexion.

Mariscal & Sarroca has top quality extra virgin olive oil combined with gold leaf. Tiny leaves of gold that are perfect for external application. Products that are made with gold dust can be a bit tricky to apply because of the difficulty to remove the gold particles, but leaves are easily cleaned off.


Facial MassageWe suggest applying this wonderful product directly onto skin or hair, leave as a special mask for a few minutes and remove. You could also add a few drops to your facial or body cream and make it part of your daily beauty regime. You will soon see results. Apply olive oil on your legs before waxing to avoid irritation and redness. It can also be used to remove make up by applying with a cotton ball, and after washing your hair, spread a few drops of olive oil on the endings for unbelievable softness and protection. For a relaxing bath, change your foam bath for a gold and olive oil bath. Just relax and feel the wonderful results on your skin. It will be soft, flexible and completely rejuvenated.

These are only some of the uses, but you will, no doubt, find many others for our gold olive oil.


Go into our online shop and browse through all the products Mariscal & Sarroca has to offer. There are wonderful surprises in store!


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