It’s St. Valentine’s! Celebrate with gourmet products from Mariscal & Sarroca

St Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, a day to remind that special person in your life that they really are special. Mariscal & Sarroca offers you a great selection of top quality gourmet products to make your loved one a little bit happier.

For those that think that St Valentine’s is just a modern invention, they may like to hear that its origins date back to Roman days. There are several legends around St. Valentine’s, but the most likely one tells us that a priest that lived in Rome in the 3rd c, when the Emperor Claudius II forbade young men to get married, arguing that they would be more useful as soldiers than family men. St. Valentine thought this decree to be very unjust, and defying the Emperor, he used to secretly marry young lovers in his church. That is how the patron saint of lovers came to be.

In many countries it is traditional for loved ones to wear red ribbons to display their love. Red is, without doubt, the colour of choice for St. Valentine’s Day. Gourmet products from Mariscal & Sarroca are presented in a red packaging, so they are the perfect gift to impress your loved one.

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Your romantic St. Valentine’s dinner will be wonderful with the best Iberico ham, artisan sheep’s and goat’s cheese, chorizo and cecina. Raise your glass to love and toast with the organic wine from Can Feliu, and put the sweet touch with some quince jelly from Mariscal & Sarroca.

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Visit our online shop and make St. Valentine’s Day a bit more Spanish.

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