Mariscal&Sarroca has been present at the Gulfood Trade Show 2015

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From Febraury, 8th to Febraury 12th some of the Mariscal&Sarroca products have been present at the Gulfood Trade Show – Glamourmet Stand exhibition.
Gulfood is the world’s biggest annual food and hospitality show where international flavours meet world-class businesses.
These are some of the Mariscal & Sarroca gourmet products present at the Glamourmet exhibition: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and Extra virgin olive oil with gold, quince jelly, Mariscal&Sarroca Cheese, Saffron and also Albarracin Cheese with two of the winning cheeses (Blue Label Cheese and Red Wine Cheese).
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You can also visit us on our web and online store.

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