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There are two new locations in London where you can discover our Mariscal & Sarroca’s products.

Sips & Bites offers Spanish, Italian and French gourmet specialties in the UK. A shop in the West of London, just off the Hammersmith Bridge, in tranquil Barnes. Our artisan Albarracin´s cheeses are waiting here for you. Come, trust and taste them! www.sips-bites.com.


The Cheese Block is situated in East Dulwich, 69 Lordship Lane. It is a specialty shop that opens at 9 am every day, except for Sundays, when it is open from 10 am. The best cheeses from around the world, can be found there, amongst them the Mariscal & Sarroca varieties like our goat’s cheese, as well as the exclusive Moncayo and Albarracin sheep and goat’s cheeses. Just visit it!

Cheese block

About our cheeses, they are produced in an artisan way, following ancestral traditions from Aragon, which is a region in the north of Spain. Artisan production guarantees a unique result. Each cheese is precious thanks to the expert hands that have shaped it. The owners will be happy to share their knowledge of our delicious products with you. A real treat.

You can order our products too at: www.gourmetfoodspain.co.uk/products-page/

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